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Water Sports That You Absolutely Must Try Once In Your Life

If you love the water and find it thrilling, then you’ll find water sports an adventure on its own. Here is a list of 4 water sports that you absolutely need to try in order to make your life exciting.

  1. Horse Surfing

People say horse surfing is the modern version of racing chariots. This water sport combines horses and water into a heart pumping experience. Although experts say that the take off is the hardest part, you must give it a try nonetheless. You will travel as fast as 40kmph. You can even use a skateboard if you live far away from the sea.

The industry of horsesurfing is definitely one that is steadily on the rise. Multiple world championships, magazine and even teams have been set up for the sport.

If you plan on going competitive, horsesurfing as a set of rules that you must follow. The course must be at least as big as 250 metres.

  1. Underwater scooter

There are plenty of resorts around the world that offers underwater scooter. The best part about underwater scooters is the fact that you do not have to learn how to swim or be an expert diver to master the sport.

One underwater scooter can accommodate two people, and the seats are adjustable as well. You can also breathe generally as there are glass domes installed that offer a full 360-degree view of the ocean through panoramic glasses.

The underwater scooters themselves are easy to pilot as they are have steering wheels attached with two accelerator pedals each. The depth can be adjusted with the help of a single button.

  1. Underwater hockey

The game of underwater hockey is played by people all around the world. It is a limited contact sport where two teams are required to manoeuvre a hockey puck from one end of the swimming pool to the opposition’s goal.

Underwater hockey was first invented by Alan Blake in England all the way back in 1954. Blake even found a club for the sport called the Southsea Sub-Aqua Club. Underwater hockey was initially called Octopush.

  1. Freediving

Freediving is classified as a form of underwater diving that relies on the diver’s lung capacity rather than a breathing apparatus.

There are many activities that come under freediving such as fishing and competitive as well as non-competitive freediving.

Spearfishing is another activity that can be enjoyed through freediving and is one the earliest methods of fishing that’s been used throughout the world for nearly a whole millennia. In modern spearfishing, divers make use of spearguns in order to strike a fish.

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