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Tips to help you water ski like a pro

Water skiing is a surface water sport that is an all-time favourite in water sports all around the world. It was invented in 1922 and is still of one the preferred water sports. Here are a few tips to help make your experience better:-

  1. Maintaining the right balance: It is very important to maintain one’s balance while on a ski. The trick is always to remember that knees, hips and shoulders must be in proper alignment; otherwise it could result in a lot of tension in the muscles that could affect your ski experience. Control is one of the essential elements of water skiing; It is necessary to be extremely comfortable and always to maintain correct body posture. Being in control is of key importance.
  1. Getting the Grip: Having an understanding of the grip is essential to balance oneself. It may take a few attempts to understand what works best for you, but with time it helps create a steady balance.
  1. Follow your hips: Fighting against the wave with your shoulders may not turn out to give you the best results, so it’s best to give your hips a chance to move over the ski edge all the more easily while staying square and adjusted with your shoulders.
  1. Know your timings: Most often, there is an inclination to pull too long, which could end up off course. The key is to form a sort of rhythm that allows you to understand when to pull and turn. You can also divide the course into two, one being from the centreline to the right of the wake, and the other from the left. A well-calculated turn from the centreline to the buoy and back will ensure a perfect experience.
  1. Ensure that you have the required gear: It is important to make sure that your skis are the perfect fit or at least adjustable to your requirements. They should be well fitted so that they hold you securely.
  1. Figuring out for one ski: When you head out from the right wake, make sure you transfer weight to one leg while you lift the other out of the water. Demonstrate the drill a couple of times and try to figure out which foot works better for you. Pick the foot the feels the most stable and go ahead.
  1. Repeat procedures: Best way to be pro at water skiing is to understand what structure and form work best for each person. It is important to form a sort of pattern to understand what sort of techniques and procedures work. It is best to monitor the skillset to understand what can be improved.

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