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Kayaking Tips For Beginners

Just like cycling, kayaking is a sport that is easy to pick up and excellent for beginners to grasp. After a couple of hours of practice, you’ll be paddling along with a happy smile on your face. A few examples of kayaking that you can get into are flatwater kayaking and whitewater kayaking.

Wherever you kayak, you need a firm hold on the very fundamentals of the sport before you decide to go on your own kayak trips. Here are some tips if you’re an amateur in kayaking.

  • Lessons

The best way to get better at kayaking is through lessons. Although you might think that you do not need lessons as all you need to do is paddling, but the truth is that in the beginning, you’ll be paddling for hours without any progress.

In order to save time, you can go for lessons that aren’t expensive. There are many sites online that help you find centres that help you find lessons exclusive to beginners.

  • Dressing

Although you might feel like it is okay to just throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when the weather outside is hot, the truth is that the water may be ice cold. That is why you need to wear clothes for the water.

The air temperature shouldn’t be a criterion when dressing because if you fall into the water, which is unlikely, you’ll be happy that the wetsuit, gloves and cagoule that you wore is protecting you.

  • The boat

There are myriads of options when buying a boat for kayaking. You can get yourself a racing boat that is long and narrow whereas you can get a squat freestyle playboat that is tiny.

But when you’re a beginner, it is best that you buy a recreational kayak so that you learn the basics of peddling. Padding on a lake would require a flatwater boat whereas sit on top kayaks are suitable for beginners as well due to their easy paddle property and assured stability.

  • The Seating

The manner in which you sit is crucial in making the paddling process that much easier. If you own a kayak that has a backrest, do not let this be the reason for you to slouch. Instead, keep your back straight.

Your foot must be at the footrest on each side of the kayak while your toes pointing outward and heels towards the centre. Bend your knees upwards, and the thigh braces must be allowed to be in contact.

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