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How To Become A Professional Surfer

Now that you’ve decided to become a professional surfer, you’ll be travelling the world searching for high waves. But before you can do so, you need to know that all that requires hard work, planning and effort. You’ll need to have your talent recognised along the way in order to be taken in as a mini-grom. The difficult decisions in your life will be taken and planned by others, and your personal interests will be taken care of.

Here are a couple of things that you need to know in order to become a surfer.

  • The general gist

You need to first take a good hard look at yourself. Do you really think you can make it all the way to the top just by surfing at your local beach? That is why you need to have a bucket load of experience under your belt. Get out, travel more and compete in amateur contests.

You need to continually turn up and give your all in every single amateur level tournament and contest in order to make a name for yourself. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to win each and every match out there, no.


There are many performers who never had the chance to move from a grom to an adult. In order to achieve this, travel more often and compete with surfers that you’ve never surfed before. You might even learn something new.

  • Qualification

In order to keep track of events in the Junior Circuit, make sure to find your nearest Association of Surfing Professionals or the ASP.

The ASP also has events that cater to professionals as well. You might even meet a couple of your surfer mates you’ve met over the years.

You will even find state and regional amateurs that are looking for easy money. Hence, there are chances that you’ll compete against talents that are world-class.

The Junior Series, as well as the World Qualifying Series, will require you to pay yearly dues on top of entry fees, so keep in that that the whole affair isn’t going to be cheap. This doesn’t include food and housing expenses.

  • Your topmost priority

In order to go full time, your next step should be the WQS or the World Qualifying Series. The WQS is a tour that is located all over the world for the surfers to gather points to qualify for the World

Championship Tour.

There are WQS contests that range from 1 to 6-star prime along with the Super Series events. The more points you amass, the more you improve your seeding.

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